Cross of Yeshua Ministries

Founded in October 2015, I believe both the old and the new testament are relevant for us today

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For deg som snakker Norsk eller forstår Norsk har vi en egen side

Prayer and prophecy

How can I minister to you today? I will pray for you and prophecy to you free of charge. Contact me using e.mail or add me as a friend on Facebook


Welcome to Cross of Yeshua Ministries.

Snakker du Norsk eller forstår Norsk? Det gjør jeg også, spør om det er noe uklart. Nå tilbake til Engelsk:

Did you know the real name of Jesus was not Jesus? Jesus was born as a Jew in Israel, so his name would be in Hebrew; Yeshua. Yeshua means Yehovah saves, and Yehovah is the name of the God of Israel and the God of the Bible. This is why this ministry is called Cross of Yeshua ministries instead of Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries. 

I started this ministry in October 2015, desiring to offer free ministry to all, regardless of their financial status. When you visit this ministry, you will never be asked to give a "love offering" or 10% of your income. If you need prayer and a prophecy, contact me via e.mail or Facebook at and add me as your Facebook friend. I will pray for you/prophecy for you, and teach you the Bible free of charge. I pray for all my Facebook friends each day.

That being said, if you can support this ministry with your gifts, it is highly appreciated. 

My name is Ernest Hume, but my friends call me Ernie. I am bilingual, speaking English and Norwegian, and I have been a Christian since 2001. 

I believe the Old and the New Testament apply to us today. Therefore I believe the law of Moses applies to us today, but I also believe Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel who gave his life on the cross for our sins. I confess that Yeshua, the Messiah, was raised from the dead on the third day and is now seated in heaven on the right side of the throne. He is my Messiah, my Lord, and my Savior. 

I have a bachelor's in theology and church history, and I can read Greek and Hebrew.

Some of the things I teach are controversial because they challenge church doctrines. You are more than welcome to disagree with me, but as long as you remain respectful, we can have an exciting conversation. 

Ernest Hume

Ps: Om du snakker Norsk eller forstår Norsk, så finner du den Norske undervisningen i menyen øverst. Klikk "Free Bible teachings English and Norwegian" også klikker du Norsk under "all series" helt øverst på siden