Christmas is coming, the time and the season when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But wait a minute, if Jesus is our Lord and Savior, where in the Bible does he tell us to celebrate his birthday? Historically, we know Jesus was born in September, not in December. So why are we celebrating his birthday on the wrong day all the time, claiming to love him and confess him as our Lord and Savior?

The first and most obvious answer is this; if Christ was not born in December, we should not celebrate his birth in December. Why? How would you feel if someone claimed they loved you and celebrated your birthday on the wrong day in the wrong month? Second, Jesus clearly says it is a sin to worship God with the traditions and doctrines of men. If we claim to worship Jesus by celebrating his birthday in December, then we are worshiping God with the traditions and doctrines of men.

Does this mean it is wrong to celebrate Christmas?

We never see Jesus telling anyone they should give up their cultural identity as long as it does not involve anything sinful. Celebrating Christmas is a cultural tradition, just as celebrating birthdays, 4 of July, or any other national holiday. 4 of July, birthdays, or any other national holiday can become sinful if we want it to, and then it would be wrong. But it is not wrong to celebrate cultural traditions righteously. Therefore it is not wrong to celebrate Christmas as a cultural tradition in a righteous way.

Christmas is in itself a pagan festival, just like Halloween and birthdays. So instead of regressing back to celebrating these festivals in their original pagan manner, instead of celebrating Christmas as the birth of Christ, we Christians should use this time of the year as an opportunity to tell others about Christ.

The next question asks: Can anyone around you see your faith in Christ, or does your life more resemble the faith of a pagan?

What do I mean?

Every year at this time of the year, we have Christians desperately trying to have a Hallmark Christmas. A Hallmark Christmas is a Christmas where everything is perfect, everyone is in good health, and every need and wants are met. Is this a reality for most of us? If you have lived for some time, you know by now a Hallmark Christmas is exhausting. It takes hours of work to clean the house, cook the food, and prepare but for some strange reason, in the movies, nobody seems to be exhausted by it. It takes a lot of money to buy all that food and expensive gifts, money most of us don’t have.

Ask yourself this one important question; how do you feel if you cannot have the perfect Christmas? How do you feel if you can’t buy all those gifts, have all that food, and have a perfect house/apartment cleaned to perfection and decorated to look like a Christmas card.? How you answer this question determines who you believe in and what kind of testimony you give to the world around you.

Right now, in December, many Christians struggle with depression, feeling like a failure because they can’t afford a Hallmark Christmas. If Jesus was not born in December, if Jesus told us not to worship God by celebrating his birth in December, why is it so crucial for us to have a Hallmark Christmas?

Perhaps one of the reasons might be because your faith is not in Christ but in material things you don’t have. ?

Perhaps one of the reasons might be because your faith is not in Christ but in the pagan worship practices of Christmas.?

What is the testimony your neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends see when they see a Christian claiming to worship Jesus, who believes God supplies all of their needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus,  celebrating the birth of Jesus on a wrong day, depressed and stressed out because they can’t afford a Hallmark Christmas?

Perhaps it is a good idea to consider not celebrating a Hallmark Christmas this year?