Saved by the law?

March 14, 2023
Series: English

Speaker: Ernest Hume

Saved by the law?

If there is one thing I have noticed over the past year or so, it is how my life has changed for the better. This change happened when I decided to live by the law (the Torah), believing the blood of Jesus my high priest, has atoned for the sins of Israel. I no longer worry, and I am no longer anxious about the future, but dont get me wrong, I still encounter the odd curve ball here and there, but it no longer has the potential to throw me off course. All this because I one day decided to accept that the Bible teaches salvation by the law.

I know how this might sound to some of you, especially if you see yourself as a Bible-believing Christian saved by the lamb’s blood filled with the spirit speaking in other tongues. Just reading the words “saved by the law” used to make me cringe. So I dont blame you if you feel as if you dont know how to choose between agreeing with me or labeling me as the biggest heretic there is. But before you pull out the pitchforks and the torches, I ask you to hear me out.

Can you honestly say the Bible teaches us not to live by the Torah? I am not asking for your interpretation of a verse or verses; I am asking if you know of one verse in the Bible where it says in black and white something akin to: “Do not live by the law of Moses/the Torah!” You will be hard-pressed to come up with such a verse because there are none.

What does your church denomination teach when it comes to the Torah? I guess they would label the Torah as being evil/sinful/too difficult/nailed to the cross/something which does not apply to us today.

If the Bible never says: “Do not live by the Torah,” but your pastor says, “Do not live by the Torah,” you know they can’t be both right. If there is a disagreement between your pastor and the Bible, dont you think it would be wise to reject what your pastor says in favor of the Bible?

At least, that is what I did, and I have never regretted it. My life is still a mess sometimes, sometimes caused by myself sometimes caused by other people, and a few times, it just happens without any specific reason. Back then, when I used to listen more to my pastor than my Bible, I would face such challenges, always trying to desperately muster up the faith I needed to see it through. But one thing that struck me as odd was how I never had the peace that surpasses all understanding, even though I genuinely believed in Christ as my Lord and Savior and did everything correctly the way my pastor had told me.

But now, when life throws me a curveball, I remind myself: “I am already saved from this challenge because I live by the law/My God will save me from this because I live by the law. ” Sometimes I have to be very specific and remind myself: “I am already healed because I live by the law/my family is already healed because I live by the law.” Every time I do this, I feel the presence of Yehovah, my God, in a way I never experienced as a mainstream Christian. But most importantly of all, I have the peace that surpasses all understanding in the storm, and all this because I made up my mind one day to live by the law.

Do you now see how my life has changed for the better?

Do I still believe in Christ and his blood?

Yes, without a doubt, but that is a time for a different story, where I will tell you how to reconcile the law of Moses and the blood of Christ.